Sola Scriptura


“A nation would be truly blessed if it were governed by no other laws than this Blessed Book.

It affords a copy for a king and a rule for a subject.

It gives authority and direction to a magistrate.

It cautions the witness, requires an impartial verdict from the jury and furnishes the judge with his sentence.

It is the First Book, the Best Book and the Oldest Book in the world.

It is a Book of Laws to show right from wrong,

A Book of Wisdom that condemns all folly and makes the foolish wise,

A Book of Truth that detest all lies and confronts all errors.

A Book that shows the way from everlasting destruction.

It is a complete Code of Laws a perfect Body of Divinity,

An unequalled Narrative.

A Book of lives, of travel and voyages.

It is the king’s best Copy,

The housewives best Guide,

The servant’s best Directory,

The young man’s Spelling Book and The learned man’s Masterpiece.

That which crowns it all is : the Author, the One in Whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning…

The Eternal One Who inhabits all eternity,

the One Who is King of kings, Lord of lords.

To know Him is Life’s Greatest Achievement..

To miss Him is Life’s Greatest Failure.”

                                                                                                     ~Author Unknown~


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