The Brevity in Job’s Experience

Read first Job Chapter 1

                                                  The brevity of our things
     God is the One Who blesses the work of our hands and He also could allow it to be in the power of Satan (12).I also believe we have the power to yield it to him or not, like the case of those who surrendered their things upon hearing the truth (Acts 19:19).Things we have on this earth were not meant to last a lifetime. You can be enjoying it but in a moment it can be gone.We can see it in the abundance of Job and in the things that his sons and daughters are enjoying. In our lives,at first you are using something,then it becomes useless after a second, a minute or some time.

     The expression “While he was yet speaking” mentioned thrice speaks of the series of possibilities of how often we can be tried.While a problem is happening another is occurring and another and another, etc.

     The expression And I only am escaped to tell thee” is also mentioned three times.This means that there are always something or somebody left to remind or tell us about the loss, and it sounds annoying especially if it is repeated many times. There are many who will tell us of what is happening, of the loss, and only few will tell us of the solutions. Mostly they are the ones closest to us, like families and friends.

                                                    The brevity of our time

     The expression “everyone his day…” We have our own life and at times we are thinking of how we can design of it, to keep it, to make the most of it. Concerning Job’s sons and daughters, we can see that they are busy with their own thing. Then one of a sudden ,death comes along their way. Our lives are short (Job 14:1) and are determined by God (Job 14:5) . Job described them as the ff;

1. Beast Ecc 3:18-19
2. Cheese curdled Job 10:10
3. Clay Job 10:8-9
4. Cloud that vanishes Job 7:9
5. Dreams that fly away Job 20:8
6. Dung that perish Job 20:7
7. Eagle hasting his prey Job 9:26
8. Ears of corn cut off Job 24:24
9. Flood carried away Job 14:10-12
10. Flower fading Job 14:2
11. Garment eaten Job 13:28
12. Lamp/Candle put out Job 18:5-6
13. Milk poured Job 10:8-10
14. Rotten things Job 13:28
15. Shadow that fleeth Job 8:9 Job 14:1-2
16. Ship that is swift Job 9:26
17. Spark that fly Job 5:7
18. Swifter than a Post Job 9:25
19. Water dried Job 14:10-12
20. Weaver’s shuttle that is swift Job 7:6
21. Worm Job 25:6
22. days of a hireling Job 7:1-2

Psa 89:47 ” Remember how short my time is:.. “
Psa 90:12 “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. “

                                                         The brevity of our trials

      At the First chapter of the Book of Job, we can see that he is already tried. Not until we have finished chapter 42 we can see that his trials already ended and many things were restored (42:10-16) and in the last verse (17) all possible pains and sufferings in his body ended.
      When our life here on earth , be it 1-100+ years, will be compared to the eternity we have in Christ, then we can find comfort and thanks God for the brevity of our time, that potential sufferings are finished and glory incomparable will be revealed (Rom.8:18). I want to thank God that trials here on earth are not forever. I know it will end. I know the pains will be gone without a trace.
We do not know our time (Ecc.9:12; Ps.39:4) but we are assured “My times are in thy hand:… ” Ps.31:15, in our sovereign God’s hand.

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