Why are you looking for the King?

Life is like playing Chess in some way. Either you are playing black or white. Which side are you playing?

chess with small king

    1. The game has rules
    2. Each piece has a distinctive moves
    3. Two kingdoms are fighting, you can be white or black
    4. The King is supreme, without it, one already lost the game
    5. The end goal of attack is unto the king
    6. The player assumes the role of every piece, from the lowest rank (Pawn) to the highest (king).
    7. You can make sacrifices for the sake of the king
    8. You can loose everything, including your Queen, but not the king, and still continuing in the game

In the Scripture, there is a story of three wise men who are looking for the King. Their goal is to worship Him.

Mat 2:2  …Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

But unlike them, Herod wants to attack and kill the King. (Mt.2:13, 16)

In reality

    1. If one already pledge an allegiance to the King, he only plays one role-he no longer assume as the king of his own life (Gal.2:20)
    2. God sets the rules (Eph.1:11; 2:10)
    3. You have one goal-to obey (Rm.6:12-14)
    4. You are now in His kingdom (white) and not in the kingdom of the  enemy(black -Col.1 :13)
    5. You no longer have to fight the battle because your King already won it for you (Col.2:15)
    6. You are the one who is under attack, but your King defends you (Rm.12:19; Heb.10:30)
    7. You may think and move  like the “Pawn” , but you are of great importance for Him (1 Co.1:26-29)
    8. All your sacrifices for Him ,even your death, will be rewarded  (Heb.6:10)
    9. You cannot loose the King, because He will never loose you (Rm.8:33-39)

Are you playing in His side?


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