Lord, what will Thou have me to do?

There were times in our lives, perhaps most of the time, that we do not know exactly what  we should do. At times the problem can be the result of  doing our own wish. It seems that God hindered us,  and we were fallen. 

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Paul, in one instance of his life, have something which might resemble our present situation, and we can gather some information which could guide us. When the Lord come against his evil plan, he was down. But his response to the Lord, for me, is the best response that we must also have.

Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? ” (Acts 9:6).

In times like this that we do not know what to do, let us take note that…


The Lord has Instruction(6)

     The Lord ‘s answer  was indirect or not yet according to what Paul needs that time. His answer for us could also be indirect and not what we needed at that moment. His instructions could be just a portion and some other can be on the following days. So, we needed to keep going to learn of His instructions.


The Lord has Initial direction(6)  

     Notice that Paul was directed to the place where he was going to. But this time, it is not to threaten others but  to find someone. When we are given direction, our circumstances could be blank or dark  that we don’t see and understand anything(8) and we might not be sure of it why it is so.


The Lord has Instruments(7-8).

     But He can provide us some instrument and individual, He has His own way when He allowed the trials to us (1 Co.10:13). They can be those persons who we do not expect to do us favor. Those who are  confused (7-8), afraid, doubtful, hesitant to step and feeling incompetent and unfit for the task (10-14) ,yet God can use them perfectly (1 Co.1:27-29). When we are feeling that way, like in Ananias’ case, that could be an indication it is  the right time.


The Lord has Inconvenient process (9)

     Paul was three days without sight and he did not even have some food and water. Something that was new to him. The Lord can take everything from us(though it can be for some period of time), and it surely has an impact to us, and at times our bodies do not easily yield. The process that we are going through could be so weird and painful and does not suite our convenience. But take note


The Lord has Intention (15)

     The purpose God has for us may be unclear , though some people could already noticed of His purpose, you cannot question it. I understand it is not a great thing in this world, but great things for the Lord. Someday, or maybe He can already tell you why. But most of the time it is still in the process.

Act 9:16  For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake.

It is to show how base we are and how Highly  exalted  He is. It is for His name that we exist, not for our name and anybody else. God can allow us many sufferings  and Paul understood that it is to magnify His name(Php.1:20).


Who could best teach us, guide us and give us answers? We could be mistaken when we asked somebody (not to discourage a try), and  it is best to inquire from Him. He has intervention. In fact He identifies Himself. He wants us to see His sovereignty, and that everything that happens to us cannot escape His knowledge. His word is available and He can guide us. Not for our sake, but beyond that, for His name’s sake. And when we ask the Lord, be sure to follow Him when He already answered us. Arise and do His will no matter how difficult it is.

To Him be the glory.



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