What Christ didn’t have on His Birthday- so called “Christmas”

I hope some of you will find it encouraging, that even in your hardest times, even in your great day, or your special day, you can find reflections on what you have and what other people didn’t have.


courtesy of Jesus film

Even the Lord Jesus Christ, when He came to this world to reach mankind, it was of humbling entrance (Php.2:5-8), yet resulting to highest exaltation (Php.2:9-11). What most men long for and highly esteemed in this world, He didn’t have. May you realize what Christ didn’t have on His birthday, many called as “Christmas day” and connecting it to what you have.

Christ has none of these;


    1. No beautiful rooms, not even a decorated one for kids
    2. No  hospital and medical privileges, but He has no hospital bills too
    3. No  doctors to attend, no pediatrician as specialist
    4. No  nurses to care and do a 24 round check
    5. No baby shower or party to announce his arrival
    6. No celebrating kids but dying ones
    7. No singing bands or magic tricks, or dancing clowns
    8. No  toys as gifts
    9. No  cakes and candles to blow
    10. No  candies
    11. No  food and drink to feast like party
    12. No godfathers and godmothers
    13. No firecrackers to decorate the skies, but He has a star to guide His seekers
    14. No  cards or written greetings, a simple note is encouraging
    15. No  brother or sister
    16. No feeding bottles
    17. No crib with mosquito net to protect
    18. No immunizations like BCG, not even eye drops and other SOP for newborn, but no pain from injections too
    19. No Newborn care or screening and other diagnostic tests

On the contrary, Christ have loving parents in the flesh, star to signal, simple shepherds to share His birth, strangers from the east to worship, sheep and other livestock to make a noise and servant angels to sing a glorious message.

But the worst thing that He had is an angry Herod seeking to destroy Him. Imagine if your birth becomes the reason of other child’s death(Mt.2:16-18). It’s like in blogging, your post was tagged to something so badly.Could you imagine how many parents blamed Him for having their sons and daughter assassinated? Do you not think that this is how Satan put a discouragement on many people concerning His coming ? Perhaps the reason why He was hated. And if it was you, will you be happy to be born and it will be the means for many others to die?

Think on how He was welcomed on His Birthday.

Think on how you were born compared to Him.

Think of what you have and what mankind didn’t gave to Him.


And if you are a parent, think on what parents today has given and prepared much for their sons and daughters, Christ has just enough from Mary and Joseph.

And if you are a son or a daughter, think on how special you are to your father and mother, to your older brother or sister.

Do you have contentment or displeasure on what you have, and what you still wanted if you not had it yet? You have much , but is it enough? I leave it unto you.May you find reflections on what Christ didn’t have on His birthday, many called as “Christmas day”.

 Php 4:11  Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 

Happy Holidays to you.


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