See what a goat with guts can get


These goats can see what most man flee

When opportunities are hard to see

When on the ground hope is unfound

Man soon forgot ,God’s help is found.


And when your road is hard and rough

Don’t let your self  stay in a trap

Learn from these animals  they cannot clap

But they’re so brave to climb tree top.


It’s  beyond their reach  and none would expect

So now you’re thinking  it’s camera trick

But soon you say, wow! It’s great

That they’ll look up and start to leap.


Maybe you’ll think  ,’coz they’re hard-headed

Now they will teach you , read and take heed

This is so simple ,no need to bleed

That nothing is hard if you want to succeed.


They have no ropes, no ladder, no hook

Just saw  that up there, awaits  a hope

Sometimes we have to cheer without fear

Hope is up there, but we have to draw near.


It isn’t good just to look up

Waiting for help is not enough

No matter when you shout your trust

You still need to drop doubt and hop.


See what this goats with guts can get

They stay on top not to show greed

It’s just because of food to eat

Determination is what you need.


And if their guts showed you a try

Don’t just look up to God and cry

Wipe away your tears and  smile

Your dreams will come true, don’t let it die.

                           ~Truth Seldom Heard~

Here she goes, jumping back…

I think this one is pregnant.

PLEASE!, don’t try this at home.


Photos courtesy of “Reveal the Path” film.

Reveal the Path film is an exciting journey to many countries. You have to watch it to see these goats with guts.


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