A Father tried yet Trusting

Job’s sons and daughters were celebrating before their life ends. It was unexpected for Job on his children.  Older trials ends and new one comes again and again. When you are in these situations where storms of life continues, consider Job!


photo credit: Jesus film

 Read Job 1:1-22

Job didn’t wearied on working on  behalf of his children 

    Job didn’t know if God will save them but he continued to reach out. He served as example even if others don’t care and don’t follow-even from the closest of his family circle. We must be thankful if our sons and daughters were among the elects, or if we can see already that the truth of God has a reality in them.

Job didn’t worried for the loss of his children and goods

    Didn’t God love Job’s son if He loved Job? Was it not important to God to maintain Job’s goods or to provide him daily? In fact, Job doesn’t have questions like this. He understand that he came to this earth naked and he will depart with nothing but with his nakedness. He understand no permanency of things in this world.

Job didn’t wronged anybody to fight back and make revenge

    Job ,among the famous of the east could be influential. He has friends which could fight for him but didn’t resorted to it. But he has no control over the forces of man ( Sabeans and Chaldeans), nor the forces of nature ( fire of God and the great wind) and    still recognized only the force above all, GOD. He doesn’t think of the urgency to protect even his name for what others have done. He doesn’t care if from a pedestal he is now flat on the ground.


Job didn’t wished to blamed God, nor the devil , nor anyone

     Job didn’t pointed fingers on the misery that befalls him. Yes he has no knowledge that God allowed it ,and now, having knowledge that God allowed such things in a believer’s life, do we have to blame somebody for what is happening to us? But on the contrary, man would blame us and think worst  for what is happening to us. They would stand away and be at distance and wait for our further misery and destruction. The devil would throw thoughts of others blaming us. I wonder if fellow believers could still stand beside, that even Paul was denied that fellowship (no man stood 2 Tim.4:16-18  ). But God never blames us and is faithful than anyone. He alone knows the every WHYs behind all that is happening. He knows all the good purpose behind the what seemed purposeless in man’s eyes.


Job didn’t withstood God but worshipped HIM

     The LORD is all sovereign and He do what pleases Him even if it seems to our displeasure. And as believers it is not our main goal to please ourselves but the highest thing of them all is to please HIM WHO giveth and taketh away. What can we give man for the hurt and happiness that they brought us? And what we can give God for all the things that is happening to us? Good or bad it may seem-it is all good? Can we still have the attitude of Worshipping HIM if we received  ….? He didn’t resorted to look for comfort from man, but instead to seek God-the ONE WHO truly comforts , can give peace, healing, and explanations in our hearts . To God alone he falls down when he is down, and we too must never forget where should we go. Even the LORD during HIS ministry in this earth said to come to HIM (Mt.11:28-30)

 The meaning of Life is loosing everything , but not GOD.


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