The Lure of Failure and the Access to Success

I believe that most people would want that they become successful someday and only few deny that they don’t want to succeed in their life. There are many areas needing success , generally on material, physical and spiritual things, but at times many missed the mark.

c falls on

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Christ had fallen many times as He carried the cross to calvary just to give us access to success.


3Jn 1:2  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as  thy soul prospereth.


When it comes to failure I have more. But when it concern success, you will laugh at me, it’s because you may only find less. Oh yes! You will not want to read this, but thanks to the next person whom I know would want to hear from me. OK! You consider scrolling it down slowly.

You haven’t gone to the moon ,nor to the stars and sun , and still you are talking about it! Let’s admit it, only few have gone there,at least to the moon. People are talking about death when in fact they haven’t experienced it yet, they just saw others died. We read and observe what they had accomplished, and we can also say what we heard from others. And just because you haven’t achieved it yet, are you forbidden to speak about it or dream of it? Let’s talk of  how we can measure failure and how can we have access to success?


The Lure of Failure

Why is it that failure is so attractive to us? If you often think of it, mentioned about it, or do it repeatedly, then in effect it becomes attractive. It’s like a magnet that is trying to draw us closer to that failing experience. It keeps coming back on our doorsteps, and here you are opening up yourself again and again.

There’s no Universities in this world that offers a course, or a degree, on Failing. Why? Because everyone can easily learn it without a teacher. Failure is part of human nature ever since Adam passed it unto us. But don’t get me wrong about it.  You cannot refute it. According to His words

Rom 3:23  For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Why are we talking about God when what you just wanted to talk about is your career, your family, your relationship, and your dreams?  But have you thought already that  many who have great career, families and achievements still ends up in grave? Does it mean that dying is success? You will not be a successful blogger, or  a writer, or anything in this world  for eternity. Not understanding our beginning and what we supposedly should become in the days ahead is a mess. We must know the design of a Designer, we must know the purpose of our very existence. Did Christ died for you just to give you good job, or a family, or a son and daughter, or a wife , a husband, or a good name, or a house? But what about if God allows in you to take away those things, or take away everything, do we only want to show that our  understanding of success is on those terms of achieving? So now you are getting my point. You will not think that life ends only in the grave, even if others continue to deny that there’s an afterlife beyond it.


                                                                    The ACCESS to Success

Unlike many success coach , I am not saying that you will surely become successful. After all, it still depends upon how you carried it out.I’ll concentrate on this 6-letter word “ACCESS”.

Aim God

We always heard from others ‘to aim high’, then aim for the highest and start in God! He is the Most High God, and anyone not aiming for Him is bound to failure.


Remember that success in this world, though only few will be written in history, will not be inscribed in the Book of Life in heaven.

Christ told His disciples not to rejoice that devils were cast out as they commanded, but that their name were written in heaven(Lk.10:20), Paul says of a life written in the Book of Life(Php.4:3).

I will not aim for God if He has not aimed to reach me, to save me, to show Himself to me.  I pray you also may have realization of His death and resurrection .

Php 1:21  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Php 2:21  For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.


Consult others

Paul the apostle has consultants especially on the matters not covered by his expertise, experience, background or his knowledge. And in consulting others, it takes our humility to be open for learning and understanding not necessarily degrading you but accepting God’s way and assistance through others. For example on medical matters he has Luke (Col.4:14), on financial matters he has Erastus (Rm.16:23) and on matters concerning Laws he has Zenas (Tit.3:13). Others’ experience can be a  great help if we will not ascribe it as from them but an experience for God’s greater purpose.


I do not intend to mean that what Paul wrote to us, or teaches us on specific matters involving the expertise of these three men, were from them. That is not my intent. Rather, this people assisted him on these concerns. Will he give an advice to consider others better than yourself  if he himself knew everything (Php.2:3)? It takes humility to take what other are saying. But in scripture it’s not always what others have to say, but even when they are not speaking, like the ants and other animals (Prv.6;6). If you will not ignore it God is telling us to consult what they have learned. So if you do not know what to do, God has others to tell you. They can be among your consultants.

Php. 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.



What is our yard stick? In terms of the length of years, even if you reached your centennial birthday ,  you haven’t reach at least an eight part (1/8) of Methuselah’s age (Gen.5:27 ).

In terms of abundance of possession, do you have to be as rich as Solomon (Ecc.1:12-18)?In terms of beauty,like Bathsheba( 2 Sam. 11:2  ) or super models in Hollywood?In terms of skills and fame,the champions and many title holder in this world?

The most that a man can do is look to his neighbor or his  peers, or those around him, and see or compare how he can be to a certain level of advantage over them. We can see that we are the one who is setting up that standard if in that manner. You always adjust to what you see from others and want to be seen by others and when what you have seems always not enough. That is devastating.


But, whatever our simple goal is, when you’ve gone there, contentment is necessary or   you will be sorry.

You can only find Contentment in Christ. What  more could you ask?


Empty yourself from the burdens

Burdens are barriers to our speed and at times it blunders us from seeing what we should not look upon. Think and talk much of painful things in your life, or imagine yourself  trying to build fences that you yourself cannot even climb someday, then you will find yourself looking back.

It’s hard to hope  for something that you still don’t have when you are still holding on to what you do not want , or when you are still hanging on to what caused your failing, rather than casting it away from your sightings. 

New Picture (8)

I think that taking revenge is not a good aim for success. It is using your worst for others to suffer the most. But do your good so that they will learn that what they withhold from you is what you are giving them. It sounds difficult though they may think of it as insult. It’s better than remain bitter.


Simply do what you can

Think that you can (Php.4:13). If you can believe that others can do it, then you can also believe that you can do it.

If you are trying to do things like how it’s being done by others, then you are saying that they are your standard. But it’s really the problem of man. We are so much commercialized. There are many trend setters and we easily follow. Yes ! You have your own style. Do not hinder yourself from what you can discover and share to others. Ask yourself if that’s all what you’ve got, or remain trying to uncover others when you should be doing it on your own. No! Not your clothes, not even your skin- but the one you have within.You have a lot of things,skills,experience,wisdom,knowledge that God gave as a gift.Let it not rust.

But do not think that they should follow also or do what you are doing, there’s more thoughts of frustration the devil could have thrown at you when you expect that what you are doing can easily affect others. Even seeds that are sown don’t easily  grow at dawn. Sun has to set and so you have to wait. But appreciate it if they did.


Think that it’s more fulfilling when you have done something  other’s cant do, or achieved something others can’t have, rather than trying  to flow on what others will show.(Read : A Goat with Guts can Get a Goal)


Serve your Maker

You start in God then bring it back to God. You cannot just aim for Him and hit different target, but that all your accomplishments can be dedicated to Him. Many who achieved like this rich man can’t even exchange their  gain for obeying the One Who can give him a heavenly one(Mt.19:20-24)

Do you notice that many people who claimed prosperity are the one’s who reject the guidance of God through the Scripture? They are those who have not even read nor believed the counsel of God. The worst, some doesn’t even believe in God.(Read Ps.73)

Success doesn’t always require that we prosper according to man’s expectations.


The road to success starts with God and ends with God. Don’t let it stop in man’s hand.

Mar 8:36  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

That’s why my definition of success is God. Others may have different. But even if you have everything  but if you don’t have God, still you have nothing when your time has come to an end! Live your life for God. You need Him that’s why Christ died for you and was risen for your justification.





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