Pro-TEACH Men to PROTECT Women

How can women be best protected?

Christ on adulterous woman

photo credit: graphics

I think that one  way of protecting  women is to teach men. There are many things men can’t understand and realize, and teaching them will cautioned them from being violent. Women need not to wage war against men, because men are bowed down to them as they learned their value. I don’t hold the One Billion rising as an insult to us, but it pricks our heart to see fellow men doing violence to  women.

On the contrary, if you will also put the context of violence to men, many case were also rising. If also overlooked, it will continue rising. But I guess we should  strive for a PRO- in Teaching men about women protection. How and when will depend upon those who understand this.

Even Christ, on adulterous woman, aimed to protect her (Jn.8) .How much more if they have done nothing wrong against us?

And I think that those men who have hurt women in some other ways, and have learned their true worth, are among the ones who can best teach how to give them protection.


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