What Can You Say? How will you prove, without using your Bible, that God is? (or that God exist)

Candle“God is now here”

“God is nowhere”


The only source of an offensive tool in our spiritual life that we have is the word of God. And according to the Scripture

Heb 11:6  “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

The word used was “IS’ and not “EXIST”.  However, the question that I raised does not mean to undermine God. This is a reality that most critics, who find their comfort in atheism and other forms, and  constantly resurrects crafty reasoning. They say that it is absurd to believe in a “God”  who only exists in our mind, when in fact you can’t even see Him, and that it’s only an imagination that somebody was up there, and that the word of God was just a product of man’s crafty invention.

Critics will say

“Where is God when You Can’t Even See Him?”

Where is He when you are in your saddest moment?

Why would God chose to be silent during the times that you are shouting for help?”


Admit it or not, some of you have asked these questions in your former days.

And like the quotes above, a little space could mean different thing.  But how about when you are asked by critics to defend your faith without using your Bible? Can you still defend your faith, imagining your self as unarmed, with the sword of the Spirit excluded as your tool to answer? How will you prove that God is (or  that God exist-as some others’ says’) without using the word of God?

Let me invite you to share your thoughts  on this, and let the world,  full of unbelief , know that you can stand, even if asked to let down your weapon. What can you say?

(note: I just borrowed the word “exist” to give idea to readers, though I don’t use it pertaining to God. )


2 thoughts on “What Can You Say? How will you prove, without using your Bible, that God is? (or that God exist)

  1. How do I prove that God is? How can I believe that He is NOT? I do choose to embrace the belief that the Bible IS the inspired Word of God, but how do I prove it? I do not! The creator God has built into mankind an inborn knowledge that He is. It is when we place our own intellect, our own ability to analyze and prove, that we in our arrogance, dispel the very truth that is within – that God IS. In my own life, I have had those times of question and doubt, but seeing the very handiwork of God woven through the fabric which is my life, is to see his REALITY. It is a reality that I accept on faith – a faith in a Being that I can not see with my eyes, but can see clearly in the depth of my spirit; a Spirit that was created to know it’s creator God.

    • You’re heading to what I wanted to point out in this discussion. I knew this topic, without using the Bible to prove that He is, could be difficult for others. But we are now giving them an introduction. Someday they will face the same question in front of those who will try to challenge what they believed.

      Thanks for mentioning about life. Indeed, those who have faith in Him is a living and walking epistle (2 Co.3:2), read and known by all man. And if they cannot see the God in our lives, then His name will receive no credit , but will be blasphemed among those unbelievers. . Christ not only SAID the words, but also SHARED His life (Rev.12:11), that’s why He is victorious. Thanks for commenting.

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