Christ is All

Unto the Shepherd He is the Lamb

Unto the Musician He is the Song

Unto the Traveler He is the Destiny

Unto the Florist He is the Rose of Sharon

Unto the Judge He is the Witness

Unto the Astronomer He is the Bright Morning Star

Unto the Jeweler He is the Precious Stone

Unto the Cook He is the Sweet Savour

Unto the Seafarer He is the Anchor

Unto the Carpenter He is the Door

Unto the Baker He is the Bread

Unto the Farmer He is the Seed

Unto the Electrician He is the Light

Unto the Army He is the Commander

Unto the Doctor He is the Balm

Unto the Athlete He is the Goal

Unto the Chemist He is the Gold and Salt

Unto the Treasure Hunter He is the Guide

Unto the Architect He is the Model

Unto the Author He is the Story

Unto the Banker He is the Unsearchable riches

Unto the Preacher He is the Message

Unto the Lawyer He is the Truth

Unto the Fireman He is the Fountain of  Water

Unto the Engineer He is the Cornerstone

Unto the Laborer He is the Reward

Unto the Newscaster He is the Good News

Unto the Teacher He is the Lesson

Unto the Nurse He is the Duty

Unto the Student He is the Teacher

Unto the Prisoner He is the Parole

Unto the King He is the Crown

Unto the Film maker He is the Director

Unto the Driver He is the Way

Unto the Blogger He is the Post

Unto Me  He is my Savior

But Who is He unto You?

Col 3:11  “Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.” 


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