Disciple’s Mistakes and Our Must Take

How can we Learn from 12 disciple’s mistakes and yearn for what we must take?

Learning From their Mistakes

The Lions or the Hyenas attacks their prey and they are those who are always lonely or out of the group. We are also prone to attacks by the enemy if we are also out of fellowship with each other. As fellow members of the body of Christ we need each other(1 Co.12:14) no matter how uncomely he maybe, or no matter how insignificant he is to us, or no matter how we are unprofitable for the other. But in this world it is a learning process. Even in our Lord’s chosen twelve, one is a Thomas (Jn.20:24-25; Jn.11:14-16) who always doubts, one is a Peter (Mt.26:69-74) who denies, one is a Philip (Jn.6:5-7) who find it difficult, one is an Andrew (Jn.6:6-9) who goes with Philipp’s difficulty though his suggestion shows he is defiant, one is a Judas (Mt.10:4) who delivered Him to the enemy for  money’s sake, and two James and John of Zebedee (Mk.10:35-37; Mt.20:21-24) who desired position. At times the twelve’s unity is like this :


 All forsook Him (Mt.26:56)

 All are Fearful (Mk.4:40),

 All Forbidding (Mt.19:13-14, Mk.9:38-40 )

 All are Faithless (Mt.17:15-17; Mk.4:37-40);

 All are Fighting (Lk.22:24);

 All are Fainting (Lk.18:1);

 All are Flattering (Mt.26:31-35);

 All were Found asleep (Lk.22:40-45);

 All Felt indignation (Mt.26:7-10),

 All are Forgetful (Mt.16:5; Mk.8:14);

 All want Favor (Mt.20:20-24)

 All Failed to understand (Mt.16:6,7-11 ; Mk.9:30,32; Jn.12:15-16; Lk.18:31-34) .


Yearning for what we MUST TAKE

Those true believers in Christ were told to be united in the faith, UNFEIGNED, because we are one body. And as one body we have the Same Head, the same Saviour, the same Lord (Eph.1:22; 4:15) which is our Lord Jesus Christ. We are led by the same Spirit (1 Co.6:17; 12:13) and bought by the same blood (Eph.1:7; 2:13) and we have the same life (Col.3:4).


Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:”Eph.4:13


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