Tips to Get 1M + follower in Your Blog

New Picture (5)I haven’t seen any blogs  with this number of  followers. But I am not giving you an idea  of  fraud because it’s not just an easy thing to do. It’s just the craziest one.  It’s only few steps away, between 3-4 steps  to choose from. Let’s  see which one  will you prefer from this two options.


4 Steps for e mail only


Step 1: Make an e mail account different than what you have


Step 2: Sign up to your own blog using your other e mail


Step 3: Confirm the subscription that was mailed to you


Step 4: Repeat 1, 2 and 3  for 999,999 times.



3 Steps For blog only


Step 1: Register another blog


Step 2: Follow your first blog


Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and 2 for  999,999 times


Follow these steps and  sit  back  being  entertained  by  your own style


It’s hard to follow yourself , but in blogging it can be.This is a crazy little thing called blog…(lol)


I like blogging. At times you caused others to smile, not good when you were hated.



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