Let us Reason

I have learned that Paul is not a Mid Acts, nor an Acts 28 Dispensationalist.  I will substantiate in this pages my understanding of TRUE  RIGHTLY DIVIDING without destroying  the ONE GOSPEL, nor causing PAUL and other DISCIPLES to collision.

You may noticed that as 2014 opens I haven’t posted anything yet. This is because I am going through a deeper study and difficult decision to make. These articles and the writings that you will read affected me much, but rest assured that it did not come just by night. I have gone through many sleepless weeks asking God for answers to some questions I have in my minds ever since I started to accept a dispensational view. Thanks be to God for helping me go through and leading me in the way of truth. Search the scriptures and do further study and may the Lord help you also to see for yourself and learn true rightly dividing. (Some of those without links are not yet complete). Please be patient for other topics and if you want to challenge me with your comments, let me know if you have any. 

Why Dispensationalism is against GOD? 

1. Can there be any harmony with prophecy?

2. What are some wrong concept about Paul?

3. Does Paul have many course?

4. Did Paul claim the sole preaching of the gospel?

5. Why look at some of what Paul describes concerning believers?

6. Can the peculiar people be different?

7. Can the sons be different than children?

8. Is it to Gentiles only?

9. What’s in the qualification of minister?

10. Are you against discipleship?

11. What can make you change your mind?

12. What do Peter observed?

13.Can the  one fold be divided?

14.Where will you go?

15. How many Book of life?

16. What is the point of being recognized as brother?

17. Why Paul assures us against dispensationalist?

18. Did Paul teach a new church?

19. What composes the body?

20. Paul begins and ends with one ministry 

21. The BEGINNING of the Body of Christ

Masterbuilder not a Dispensationalist

Rightly dividing is about

One Spirit can’t make error

Paul recognizes one church

Coverage of those in Christ

Gathering together of those in Christ

Saints are not distinct from each other

Inheritance of believers are not separate

If the 12 preaches another gospel

Accepted in the beloved

Revelation was not to him alone

The church is throughout all ages

Paul teaches One Body

Paul knew there is One Head

Paul teaches One Faith

Beginning of Reconciliation

Dispensationalist forgot the content of Acts

Paul teaches about those righteous in God

Christ will finish what He started

Paul cannot divide himself

Paul will not confuse their membership

Commission according to prophecy

The end result of Sanctification

Paul did not teach different dispensation

Paul did not teach new gospel

Paul did not preach another Jesus

Paul teaches no other things

Mystery in harmony with prophecy

No Jews and Gentiles in God’s eyes

True ministers are one in Christ

Paul is careful in building on foundation

Paul must have told us

Rebuke for the Dispensationalist

The same eternal life

The elect

Paul’s apostleship is not separate

Paul teaches one calling

Follow us, not follow Paul alone

What things he destroyed

Doctrine of Grace

Beloved of God

My people

Christ is the Vine and we the branches

The kingdom of God is one

Putting no difference


Dispensationalist contend that Christ preaches the gospel of

the kingdom and Paul the gospel of Grace

Comparing IAE and PAE

Savior of the Body


The Way



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