I have talked to many Oversees Filipino workers or those who have gone working outside the Philippines and these are their concerns when asked about the struggles they have encountered. They have different reasons for leaving the country. They have these difficult situations as well for walking in unfamiliar lands. What will you do in coping up from different situations? You can share your stories and be the source of other’s encouragement and strengths. Send me your thoughts or learn from other experiences here.

1.Culture shock

2.Victims of Human Trafficking

3.Homesick and bored

4.Abused by employers

5.Bully co-workers

6.Style and Cost of living adjustments 

7. Racial discrimination

8. Jealous workmate over promotions and incentives

9. Not well compensated or underpaid

10.Work overload

11. Strict government policies on socialization and privacy

12.Security problems

13. Imprisonment for false charges

14. Suicidal tendencies

15. Mismanaged money sent to families here

16.Marital concerns and long distance relationship or LDR

17.Spoiled brat kids growing with guardians

18..Relatives quarrel for support

19.Can’t save money for self

20.Hanging out with bad influence friends

21.Victims of SCAM and false  investment

22.Problem with in-laws

23..Extra-marital relationship

24.Victims of Marriage Proposal

25.Tempted to be drug couriers

26.Converted to other faith

27. Alone when sick

28.Death of family members

29. Broken families

30. Unsatisfied sex drive

31. Friends hiding because of unwillingness to pay debts

32. Security of tenure or Company nearing closure

33..Engaging in gambling and vices

34. Impulsive buying

35. Restraint on Faith expression

36. Compromising the faith

37. Language Barriers

38. Loneliness

39. Loosing of Filipino traits and values

40. Adjustment to weather conditions

Is there any biblical help for these concerns?