Learn from these

Study these things if it were so. Contact me via text or e mail for any topic of your interest. Files are no longer accessible by one click away for purposes of revisions and publication in the near future. Thank you.


  1. Why JESUS is the SAME as the FATHER?
  2. What is knowing GOD?
  3. Is Jesus GOD or only MAN? 
  4. Is Christ your all?
  5. What Christ didn’t have on His birthday?
  6. What if Christ was not born?
  7. Why God does not need to exist?
  8. Who are the atheist?
  9. Do you know the true religion?
  10. Did Christ die for all?

 B.Man, woman and Relationship

  1. What are the conjugal in a relationship?
  2. How can you care for your widows and widowers?
  3. How can you convert hurt into truth?
  4. Is there any blessing for being a single?
  5. What a prostitute is like?
  6. Do you have to fight against your brother? 
  7. Have you heard their love story?

  C. Church

  1. When did the church begin
  2. Why buildings are not to be called as church?
  3. Why Mid-Acts and Acts 28 are erroneous?
  4. Did the ancient Church APOSTATIZE?
  5. What is the Greatest COMMISSION?
  6. What is the church?
  7. Studies concerning the heresy of JW, INC, PBMA, etc


  1. Have you experienced HIS grace?
  2. What persuade you?
  3. Have you TASTED the blessed FRUIT?
  4. Is there any hope for mankind?
  5. Where will you go after DEATH?
  6. Why some people will PERISH in hell?
  7. What you must know before DYING?
  8. What it means to believe in Christ?
  9. Do you need to be a member in order to be saved?
  10. Is the theology of ACCEPTING Jesus right?
  11. What kind of membership is important?
  12. Are you CHOSEN? or by CHANCE and by CHANGE?
  13. What are some Channels of escape?


  1. Why LIFE like a CANDLE will FADE?
  2. Does God still ANSWERS today?
  3. Do you know that you were BORN an ATHEIST?
  4. Why some GENDER wander?
  5. Why being MISUNDERSTOOD is sometimes better?
  6. How can your negative becomes POSITIVE?
  7. Does God favors NUMBER?
  8. Peace with God or PEACE OF MIND?
  9. When is your problems becomes a solution?
  10. Why ghost sometimes shows up? 
  11. Are you aware you’re not SINGING with the devil?
  12. How terror is related to error?
  13. How do you know if God is with you?
  14. Are you a FATHER under trials?
  15. Why everything is short
  16. What is the purpose of patience?  
  17. Why God sometimes answers NO?
  18. Why do you have to choose the effects of wine 
  19. Can the dead still be reached?
  20. What these goats with guts can get?

 F. Christian Growth

  1. Can a saved be lost?
  2. What it means to be a berean?
  3. Are you growing like Bonsai?  
  4. Are you shining like stars?
  5. What makes the wise men wise?
  6. Why Herod is a picture of a hypocrite?
  7. What does the shepherds reminds you?
  8. Do we have to believe angels today?
  9. Why changing one’s mind is  necessary?
  10. What can we learn from Bethlehem?
  11. What playing Chess is like?
  12. Why do you have to set aside suicide?
  13. Do you know your genealogy?
  14. What happens in your conversion?  
  15. How to tackle the obstacles?
  16. Do you have chances in life?
  17. What can HINDER you as a believer?
  18. Does your prayer always have to END  ‘in Jesus’ name?’
  19. Can a believer engage in GAMBLING?
  20. Are you STEPPING or STOPPING?
  21. How can you be NOURISHED in the faith?
  22. Are you LED by the SPIRIT?
  23. Are we under the LAW or under GRACE?
  24. What is contentment?
  25. How to worship in the SPIRIT?
  26. Are you Improving or Disproving?
  27. What makes a SONG spiritual?
  28. Why SMOKING is dangerous?
  29. How not to WASTE your life?
  30. What are the EFFECTS of your EFFORTS?
  31. Why God sometimes allows sickness?
  32. Are you a traditional christian?
  33. What is the Essence of success
  34. Do you know your higher PURPOSE in LIFE?
  35. What do you have which Job lacks?  
  36. Can there be STRENGTH in WEAKNESSES?
  37. Did you consider Paul?
  38. What are the NATURES of SIN?
  39. What to do when you do not know
  40. What is a Sectarian attitude?
  41. How can you be in the STEPS of JESUS?
  42. Mistake or MUST TAKE?
  43. Why acceptance, rejection and unbelief sounds alike?
  44. Are you a partaker of grace?

  G. Spirit


 H. Service/Ministry

  1. Does God ordain lady ministers?
  2. What should be your attitude to your minister? 
  3. Bishop or Pastor? What titles?
  4. How can you know that your MINISTER is OF GOD?

 I. Money, materials and Giving

  1. What reasons do you have in GIVING?
  2. What is the giving for today?
  3. Do you have this blessing?
  4. What kind of Blessing?
  6. For FREE or for a FEE?

 J. Last Days

  1. What comes first before the end of the world?
  2. Do you know the S- PROTOCOL?
  3. Why the computer  is calculated as 666?  
  4. What are the 666 attitudes?

 K. Tradition

  1. Where is the Garden of Eden?
  2. Do you know the lies behind Christmas?
  3. Do you have a Demetrius Mentality?
  4. When did this Mentality begin?
  5. Why they changed the Ten Commandments ?
  6. What traditions are in Contradiction with God?
  7. Is mythology according to the Scriptures?
  8. Why idolatry  is against God?
  9. What practices are considered idolatrous?
  10. Do you know the reasons and signs of idolatry?
  11. What God wants you to do to your idols?
  12. Bishop, Pastor or WHAT?
  13. Bible or what?
  14. Is Peter the first pope?
  15. Why water BAPTISM is no longer to be practiced?
  16. What MARY can’t do for you?
  17. Why SUNDAY and SATURDAY are not God’s FAVORITE?
  18. Is Paul a Roman Catholic?  
  19. Why the universalism is dangerous?

 L. Word of God

  2. Why the advice of Gamaliel is dangerous?
  3. Why do you have to be OPEN-MINDED?
  4. Why the scripture is not a closed book?
  5. Why is there a NEED for the KJV?
  6. Bible or What?
  7. What should be your ATTITUDE to God’s word?
  8. What are the errors of the red ink mentality?
  9. What is rightly dividing?
  10. Which VERSION is of God?
  11. What it means to read?
  12. What is the BENEFIT of reading God’s word?
  13. What are some ANALOGY for STUDY?
  14. What can we learn from Eden Garden?


  1. Is FM the ANOTHER ANGEL in Revelation?


  1. Ikapu o Ikaw po?
  2. Ang Pasko ba ay sa mga Kristyano o sa Paganismo
  3. Sino si Maria?
  4. Ano ang Pasyon?
  5. HUDIO ka ba o HENTIL?
  6. Dapat ba ang mga babae sa ministeryo?
  8. Bakit ‘di na kailangan ang SUGO sa ngayon?
  9. Ang SEMANA ba ay SANTA?
  10. Alam mo ba ang BINAGONG SAMPUNG UTOS?
  11. Anong uri ka ng ESTUDYANTE ng BUHAY?
  12. Ano ang mga TANDA ng mabuti at masamang BALITA?
  13. Gaano ba KAHALAGA para sa iyo Ang DIOS?
  15. Sino si KRISTO para sa iyo?
  16. Totoo bang may PAGSUSULIT?
  17. Bakit may MASAMA na MAHABA ang buhay?
  18. Mabubuhay pa ba ang TAO pagkatapos MAMATAY?
  19. Ano ang pagsasalita sa IBANG WIKA o Speaking in Tongues?
  20. May TAO ba na HINDI NAGKASALA? 
  21. Ano itong bagay na ‘di mo NAPAPANSIN?
  22. Bakit MAHALAGA ang SALITA ng DIOS?
  23. Dapat ka bang MAGLASING?


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