Evidences that Eden Garden Exists

Is Eden garden in heaven or here on earth? Can there be evidences that it still exists? What is the significance of this findings?

Click on this link to view and download this article. the Garden of Eden  45


11 thoughts on “Evidences that Eden Garden Exists

  1. Very interesting…I have always believed it is a real place. Our idea of Eden becomes the same as many ideas about the New Jerusalem, we think too spiritually and forget that the earth was created for men, when the messiah returns he will rule on Earth. The Bible tells us that the Garden was in Eden, and that man was made outside and then placed in it. Although the garden may be in the Middle East, Abraham was chosen and was told to go to the Canaan the promised land. The area that was supposed to be Israel is much larger than what we see today. When the 1000yrs begins there is a prophecy that the tree of life will produce every month and it will be for food, so then we would be literally getting the tree back. I don’t believe that the covenant has passed away rather there has been an addition, if you mess up you can have grace through the cross. Sometimes when reading the New Testament we forget that everyone in it was already Jewish they were already keeping the other commandments, Jesus didn’t have to tell them how to live like that. What he had to tell was how to keep the commandments already laid in the Torah in love. God isn’t a deal breaker…if he can’t honor Israel then we have no hope, because it is through them. and their King(Jesus/Yehsua) that we have the chance of Salvation. “You, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root”. (Oh and I live in Jackson County,MO and the garden is not here…lol)

    • Thanks for the comment. We may have differing views on Law and Grace. This reference in Heb 8:7-10 ; 12-13 caught my attention. Although, the evidence of Jewish teachers and ministers proves that this is not yet that time….
      Heb 8:11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.
      …and I believe it will be after the body of Christ is taken out of the way before Israel will be restored. And perhaps , in my view only, that is where you and some others a’re having difficulties. I am preparing another post, Hoping to laid out further what I wanted to share to all specially when it concerns genealogy.Hoping as I continue, Christ will enlighten you on His heavenly program (that is in heavenly places-Eph.1:3), because now in His gospel of grace, God looks not whether one is Jew or Gentile. That’s just an introductory part. Thanks a lot for visiting.

    • hahahahahahah…. well I was confused as well but now I think I have a clear understand now… the Muslim are unscircumsized … and they are a great and rich nation .. but their worship is wrong .. they slay their selves and other people and very un peaceful people I believe that’s where the Eden is … but will still do more research … Tanx

      • It’s ok to be confused for some time, even Peter experienced some difficulty with what Paul wrote (2 Peter 3:16). You are right with your observation about the Muslim and hoping some of them will also believe in Christ. Thanks for your comment.

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